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A strong insurance portfolio is an essential part of building financial prosperity for yourself and your family. That's why London Life has made themselves well known with their "Freedom 55" pledge: the opportunity to invest your money wisely in their insurance portfolio to achieve financial freedom at age 55.

As part of their offerings, London Life provides an excellent selection of life insurance plans with investment options, alongside the reliability of one of Canada's longest established insurers.

Life insurance products offered by London Life include:

Term Life Insurance

10 and 20 year renewable and convertible terms, with premiums and coverage guaranteed for the length of the term. Available up to the age of 75 on some plans.

Whole Life Insurance

Guaranteed minimum rates for lifetime protection, with a participating option that lets you earn dividends annually from what you pay, or overpay, into your insurance policy.

Universal Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance combined with tax-advantaged saving plans provided by London Life. The value you accumulate on your plan may be reinvested into your policy, or drawn upon to use as personal or retirement income.

Critical Care Illness Insurance

Comprehensive illness protection on a term basis for adults, children, or whole families. This plan may be purchased alone, or alongside a life insurance policy for a lower administrative cost.

Disability Insurance

Designed for tradespersons and the self-employed. This plan provides a monthly benefit to assist with income replacement and health care costs associated with debilitating injury or illness that prevents you from working.

We work with the biggest providers of life insurance in Canada and are able to offer a full range of options at the most competitive rates. Apply online for a no obligation quote.

3 Reasons to Choose LIFC:


We work directly with leading Canadian insurance providers


We are able to find some of the most competitive rates on the market


We offer a complete range of plans to suit any need and budget

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