Funeral Expenses Coverage

The cost of a funeral, in Canada, can be upwards of $10,000 - which doesn't include other final costs that can arise when there's a death in the family. With other considerations, such as taxes, inheritance, and end-of-life care, being unprotected can leave your family with a great deal of financial burden during a difficult time.

Life insurance is a low-cost means to secure your funeral and other final needs costs ahead of time, pre-plan your funeral, and provide the money necessary to ensure your last will & testament is handled responsibly and clearly.

Who Can Benefit From Funeral Expenses Coverage?

Life insurance plans that cover funeral costs can be designed for people of all ages, financial means, and is available to those of any level of health. These plans are often available up to the age of 85, and in many cases do not require a medical exam or health questions in order to qualify.

Individuals who need to set aside an amount for their family to manage their end-of-life affairs will benefit from life insurance. Coverage amounts may vary depending on the cultural or personal decisions of the insured, and may also include other necessary or unforeseen costs as part of the plan.

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