Mortgage Life Insurance

There are very few investments that Canadian families will own more important and more urgent than a home. Mortgage insurance is often bought alongside a mortgage from a lender or bank that promises to repay your loan should you pass away.

However, buying your own mortgage insurance from a reputed insurer is a far safer means to protect home and family alike.

Why is a lender's Mortgage Insurance not a good idea?

  • Under a lender's policy, you do not own the policy and benefits are paid to your bank, not your family;
  • If you change homes or refinance your mortgage, your lender's policy must be renewed at a higher cost;
  • The value of your lender's mortgage policy decreases with time, leaving you with less coverage;
  • The coverage from a lender's policy can't be used to cover other bills, health expenses, or be set aside as a safety net for your family.

We provide mortgage insurance that is always paid directly to your loved ones, with coverage set based on your financial need and not the need of your lender. These types of policies are more secure, more flexible, and altogether more affordable than any policy your mortgage lender can offer.

We offer Mortgage Insurance plans from over 20 of Canada's largest providers. We search the market for the best rate possible, so you are guaranteed to find the lowest possible rate when it comes to securing your home and all those who depend on it.


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We work directly with leading Canadian insurance providers

We are able to find some of the most competitive rates on the market

We offer a complete range of plans to suit any need and budget

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