Over 50 Life Insurance

Getting life insurance over the age of 50 is often considered difficult and expensive. In reality, life insurance is more accessible than ever before, and individuals over 50 are quickly becoming the most issued and covered demographic in Canada.

Nowdays many Canadians over the age of 50 still have a mortgage as well as other outstanding debts and liablilities. There also estate taxes, final expenses and inheritance to consider.

Life insurance is a reliable solution that will provide financial security when your loved ones need it most. If you are in good health, consider traditional Term or Permanent life insurance. Individuals with health issues should consider No Medical Exam, Simplified or Guaranteed Issue policies.

We offer competitive pricing on life insurance for individuals over the age of 50 and provide a wide range of no medical exam insurance plans. Even if you’ve been denied coverage before, we can find you an affordable policy that suits your financial needs.


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We offer a complete range of plans to suit any need and budget

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