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Seniors Life Insurance

Finding the right life insurance plan as a senior can be difficult. That's why we specialize in providing unique and targeted insurance solutions for seniors, no matter their health or finances. We've helped seniors all over Canada find affordable insurance coverage. If you're concerned your age or health might make it difficult to get covered: we have the answer.

Life Insurance options for seniors:

No Medical Life Insurance - Get insured without the need for a medical exam. All you need to get covered is just to answer a few "Yes or No" health questions.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance - Get insured in days by answering a few health questions. Available up to age 85. Some policies can get you covered even if you’ve been rejected before.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance - Insurance that you cannot be denied for under any circumstances. No medical exam or health questions needed. A great solution for planning for your final affairs.

Funeral Insurance - Specialized insurance plans that provide for your funeral costs and final expenses. A medical exam is not required to get covered.

Our company provides Seniors Life Insurance plans from over 20 Canadian providers; as a result, you are guaranteed to find the lowest rate on your coverage. Apply for a no obligation quote today.

Expert Answers about Seniors Life Insurance
Do you insure people in good health aged 80 years old?Life insurance policies in Canada typically have eligibility up to age 85 on select policies while most No Medical plans are available up to age 80. We pride ourselves on being specialists in finding low-cost options for individuals over 50, and are able to provide a selection of options up to age 80 for your convenience.

3 Reasons to Choose LIFC:

  • We work directly with over 20 leading Canadian insurance providers

  • We are able to find the lowest premiums on the market

  • We offer a complete range of plans to suit any need and budget

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