Joint Life Insurance

When you and your spouse need life insurance coverage, you should consider creating a Joint Life Insurance plan together. The flexibility and lower cost of Joint Insurance make it easier to plan and budget for your insurance, while providing a clear financial plan for your loved ones.

There are two types of Joint Life Insurance – First-to-die and Last-to-die.

Who should consider First-To-Die Joint Insurance?

This policy pays out the benefit after the first death of the two insured. Afterwards, you can often continue your coverage at adjusted rates. This type of insurance is ideal for spouses who depend on one another for a livable income, or who have children who still need financial support and care.

Who should consider Last-To-Die Joint Insurance?

This policy pays out your benefit after both insured have died. This is ideal for retirees or couples with few or no remaining dependents, and whom aren’t in need of income support. This type of insurance is an ideal plan for building an estate or settling final affairs of the family.

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