UL Mutual Insurance

UL Mutual has a century of experience servicing Canadian families, and has recently expanded its service to Ontario and New Brunswick. UL Mutual’s unique approach to the industry is marked by flexibility in their insurance policies. Many UL Mutual policies allow you cancel premiums at any time and still enjoy partial coverage.

We offer the following products from UL Mutual:

Permanent Life Insurance

UL Mutual Adaptable Life Insurance

A whole life insurance plan with 8 options for premium payment flexibility. Also provides the option to add paid-up insurance at the time of issue or at the 3rd, 5th, or 7th policy anniversary.

UL Mutual Integral Life Insurance

Whole life insurance that allows you to interrupt/stop premium payments. Once you stop paying premiums you are still covered with a reduced insurance equivalent to the total of paid premiums.

Term Life Insurance

UL Mutual Superior+ Term Life Insurance

Available to people age 18 to 65 with a minimum of $50,000 in coverage amounts. Terms of 10, 20 or 30-years. Plans are convertible until age 70 and are renewable every 10 years until death.

Living Benefits

UL Mutual AdapCI Critical Illness Insurance

Offers protection for 24 critical illness and 4 non-critical illnesses with coverage amounts ranging from $10,000 to $2,000,000. Return of premiums are available after 10 years.

We work directly with UL Mutual and are able to provide all their latest insurance plans. Apply online for a no obligation quote.

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