Long Term Care Insurance

As you age, your health and family situation may require that you use the services of a private care facility, nursing home, or at-home nurse to help care for you or a loved one. The cost of long term care varies depending on your province and the type of assistance you need, but quite frequently becomes financially costly - and it could force you to make compromises on essential health care that you shouldn't have to.

Long term care insurance ensures that, regardless of the type of care you or a loved one needs, you don't need to sacrifice care for cost. These policies vary in scope, but offer a monthly or periodic benefit towards the services of a retirement home, care facility, or for at-home adjustments to help you with day-to-day living.

Why should you consider Long Term Care Insurance?

  • You're concerned that you or a loved one would not be able to handle the cost of long term care;
  • You want to have control over your care instead of relying on your family or the government;
  • You want the freedom to choose the type and level of care you want.
  • Your health or mobility demands that you make long-term adjustments to your living situation to protect your health and wellbeing for the future.

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