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Health Insurance

Few of us like to think about serious illness or disability, but the reality is that cancer, heart attack and stroke will affect nearly 300,000 Canadians yearly* and about 3.8 million working-age Canadians (aged 15 to 64) self-identified as disabled in 2012**.

Health issues can have a serious emotional as well as financial impact on you as well your loved ones. Health insurance can ensure you are focused on recovery by providing a reliable financial support.

We offer three types of health insurance:

Critical Illness Insurance

Disability Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

*Source: Canadian Cancer Society 2011
*Source: Heart and Stroke Foundations of Canada 2012
**Source: Canadian Survey on Disability, Statistics Canada
Expert Answers about Health Insurance
Are you providing heath insurance as well like for medicines and dental coverage?While LIFC is not intended to provide quotes on private health insurnace plans, please do fill out a Direct Contact Form and we will endeavor to get back to you with a selection of insurance plans.
Do you offer Travel Insurance?We are able to offer a selection of Travel Insurance plans for individuals of any age. For a quote, please Fill out a Contact Form and we can explore your options.

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